the city beneath the sea

Hello there LD 🙂 long time no talk but summertime is for adventuring and its time I share another. There’s nothing like that 100 degree summertime trip to New Orleans. Here are a few of my favorite moments:


My weekend in a nutshell: a 48 hour food tour of the best and being indecisive on sunglasses.


top: Funky Monkey New Orleans 

shorts: J Brand Jeans

shoes: Birkenstock 

sunnies: Ray-Ban

lipstick: Mac — Candy Yum Yum

purse: Italia<3

We created our own 48 hour food tour… and it rocked.

Willa Jean — Baker’s Basket
Willa Jean — Cookies + Milk
Compere Lapin — Vanilla Bruleed Grapefruit
Cochon Butcher — Buckboard Bacon Melt
Compere Lapin — Biscuits and Gravy
Compere Lapin — Beignets with Spiced Chocolate Sauce (compliments of the chef)


Compere Lapin — Zucchini Fritters/Green Bean Remoulade (compliments of the chef)


These weren’t even all of our sweet weekend treats, because when in the city of fabulous food… ya just gotta.

I sure do love lil adventures like this one. From walking down the street finding the best walls to take pictures in front of, to visiting the same store three times to decide on the perfect pair of sunglasses (and making mom and Amerisa nuts) it was a non stop party to the tune of the greatest music.

It’s so much more fun with these gals that I love.

Until next time NOLA


all my love and lipstick,



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