Adventures in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: where bikes > cars

I think I may be adding Amsterdam to my list of favorite places.

I had no idea how breathtaking Amsterdam was going to be! From the beautiful canals around every corner to the abundance of bikes lining the streets, Amsterdam was quite charming.


The highlight of the trip was the Anne Frank House.

I have always loved Anne Frank because her story is so incredibly inspiring. To be able to walk through the rooms and up the steep stairs where this precious girl and her family hid from the Nazis, was an experience I will never forget. Despite her circumstances, Anne Frank always chose to be happy.

The Diary of Anne Frank


Anne Frank’s bedroom wall that she decorated with pictures


The bookcase that hid the family


stairs to the attic


“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” ~ Anne Frank

More adventures in Amsterdam

The Tulip Museum

IMG_3070 IMG_3069 IMG_3068

Cheese Museum

IMG_2515 IMG_2513

This Amsterdam adventure would not have been complete without visiting the bench from The Fault in our Stars


IMG_3136 IMG_3139

Thanks for the adventures, Amsterdam

IMG_3006 IMG_2993 IMG_2524 IMG_2512 IMG_2520 IMG_2507





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