Positively in Love with Positano

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

This past weekend, my friends and I went to the Amalfi Coast. I could have stayed here for weeks, but this weekend getaway is now at the top of my list. The Amalfi Coast is the place where mountains and beach collide, and the views of the Mediterranean Sea leave you speechless. I didn’t even mind the rocks instead of the white sand… ok they may have been a little more painful than soft white sand, but still beautiful nonetheless.

We arrived late Friday evening at our Bed and Breakfast to find an older, Italian man standing outside waiting for us. Although this man spoke very little English, he got us set up in our cozy room for the weekend. When we arrived it was dark, so when we woke up we were amazed by the stunning view of the water that had been there the whole time! This little bed and breakfast is run by this man and his son, who had breakfast waiting on us the next morning. After breakfast, he drove us down the many twists and turns of the mountain, to Positano. We spent the day shopping and exploring Positano. For dinner, we took a water taxi to Amalfi, where we enjoyed some delicious fish, straight out of the Mediterranean, while watching the breathtaking sunset. The sun set on a beautiful day, that’s for sure.

Here are some of my favorite Amalfi Moments:


That morning, it was a little chilly, so I wore a long sleeve shirt, jeans and oxfords. As soon as I stepped on to the beach, I realized that it was necessary to buy a new outfit because it was HOT.



Positano is known for their made-to-fit sandals, so I could not leave without some

IMG_0560 IMG_0554


lunch with a view


taxi to Amalfi





Thanks for a beautiful weekend, Amalfi!


until next time





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