Back to School


As I am in the middle of my second week of school, I am finally finding the time to blog. I have absolutely loved getting adjusted to life in Bologna. Classes are definitely not easy, but I am already learning so much! My average school day consists of having a croissant and a cappuccino in the mensa (cafeteria), going to class, walking around the city, planning a trip or two, homework and probably pasta for dinner. On some days, our classes are about a 30 minute walk from our dorms, but it sure is a beautiful walk because there is so much life on the streets of Bologna. Also, living in this city is a constant struggle of trying not to shop everyday… I should have known it would be dangerous for me to live within walking distance of Zara. I cannot wait to get to know this city even better. Bologna is a gem and I am so thankful to be living a city that has captured my heart already!

First Day of School


when your Italian class calls for going to a coffee bar and ordering in Italian


found my ballet studio for the semester


Still not over the fact that I can just jump on a train and head to another fabulous city for the day. This weekend was the absolute perfect way to kick off the school year. Once upon a time when I was trying out to be a Trail Maid, I was told numerous times that you will make life long friendships. Little did I know that I would end up traveling around Europe with those gals. Four Trail Maids in Italy? Twas such a happy weekend.



On Saturday we went to Venice for the day. Oh what a lovely city!






this weekend was filled with JOY


so excited for more adventures.





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