Chokers and Chanel

And it said Welcome to New York


Flying into NYC knowing that the adventures awaiting are filled with busy streets, shopping, my favorite restaurants and playing dress up: My favorite feeling.

I recently got a dose of my favorite city with some fabulous friends. This trip consisted of sparking new trends, reviving old ones, and creating sweet memories.


a selfie on every block: check


enjoying the circus through Saks


and then one day in Top Shop I decided to take it back to my 3rd grade self


NYC evenings are made for dress up and broadway shows


Romper: French Connection

Shoes: Ted Baker 

Necklace: Vintage

Purse: Louis Vuitton


Dinner at Cafo Lalo (one of my favorite NYC restaurants) after An American in Paris (WHICH WAS AMAZING)

IMG_2734 IMG_2664

I saw On the Town for the second time and still love it!

Also, killing time in Bergdorf’s is never a bad plan.


Trip theme: black, white and chokers.

IMG_2883 IMG_2830 IMG_2914

Sorry Harry Winston, but these are the real rare jewels. Love these two who inspire me to dress cuter and keep me laughing!


I always leave NYC with new inspiration. Never thought I would wear a plastic choker again… too bad I didn’t save my choker collection.

Shout-out to this gal for being fearless and starting new trends! (And for rocking 3 weeks at Columbia University)


Until next time NYC! See you again SOON!

XOXO, Riley

More pics from this adventure

IMG_2907_2 IMG_2685 IMG_2922 IMG_2780IMG_3095 IMG_3094

 A Few Featured Items

Top Shop Black Jeans


Slip-On Vans

Susana Monaco Black Dress



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