That Red Lip Classic Thing that I Love

Hi there! I have missed writing in my favorite diary so I thought I’d bring it back and feature my most favorite thing. Bet you can’t figure out what that is 🙂

When I returned home this evening there was a Target beauty box sitting on my counter that my mom ordered. I opened it right away hoping for one thing… lipstick. Thankfully under the pile of goods was a perfect red lipstick (as if I needed another).



I recently wrote a paper on the Love is On campaign, so it was super cool to get one of the products and see it in action!


always a good day when I add one to my collection


Lipstick: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick (color: Gladiolus)

I definitely recommend this lipstick! It’s the perfect mix of glossy and matte. For those of you who want red lips that are more subtle, this would be a great option.

I wanted to share my new favorite technique for putting on lipstick.

First, cover your lips in vaseline. Then, take a Q-tip and rub it over your lips until the vaseline is gone. After you have done this, your lips should be smooth and rid of dry skin. Now your lipstick will look even more flawless.


Maybe you want to order a Target Beauty Box or maybe you simply want to put on some red lipstick. Either is a great option!

You can purchase your own Beauty Box at

Happy Summer, and don’t let going to the beach stop you from putting on lipstick.

Thanks for letting me tell you a little bit about my favorite thing.

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Xoxo, Riley


2 thoughts on “That Red Lip Classic Thing that I Love

  1. Love the Vaseline trick! I keep a container of coconut oil in my bathroom to “wash” my face with (along with lavender oil). I use it a lot as lip balm too, so I might try your trick except with the coconut oil. Love your red lipstick….great color on you my dear!! Keep writing….

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