Before I Die…

Happy Sunday! It’s time for another “Sunday Sweets” post but today’s post only involves one accessory… the accessory that’s even more important than lipstick: a smile.  In the words of Annie, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

Today as I was strolling through downtown Mobile, I made a stop at the huge chalk board that says “Before I Die…”. I stood there for a moment thinking about all of the things I want to do before I die and of course my entire list cannot fit on that board. I decided to write “make a million people smile”.


My mom wrote that she wants to hike the Grand Canyon… that’ll make ya smile.


No matter where I am or what I am doing, there is always an opportunity to make someone smile. Now, of course I can’t keep track of exactly how many people I make smile, but I figured a million was a pretty good goal. No matter the situation, there is always something to be happy about, and it is so important to share that happiness with other people. You never know when someone needs a smile. Next time you are having a terrible day, think of all of your blessings and just smile. Smiling leads to laugher and that’s even better.  Smile no matter what; make people wonder why you are smiling. I promise it will make you feel better. I remember learning about Anne Frank in school. The one thing that has always stuck with me is the fact that she always chose to be happy, despite her circumstances. Happiness is a choice and it starts with a smile.  The beauty of this life is that no matter what, there is ALWAYS something to  smile about. Share your joy with others; don’t keep it to yourself.

Smiling makes your lipstick look a lot better, so don’t forget to smile… and smile big.





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