Shades of Summer

Happy first day of summer! What better way to officially welcome summer than to show you some perfect summer shades of my favorite accessory. It’s always fun to add a bright pink or coral lipstick to your summer attire. Use summertime as an excuse to brighten your lips!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Laura Geller~Watermelon Cooler

The name itself screams summer. This one is a fun daytime color that will make your summer wardrobe even brighter…including your bathing suit!


Rimmel London, Kate Middleton~ 101

I picked this one up at Walgreens for a great price. It’s perfect for everyday business attire.


Laura Geller~Sweet Peach

This is a great nude color with hint of peach. It’s great to wear with that outfit that’s already full of bright colors when you don’t feel the need to add more.


Tarte~Sweet Peach

One thing that I always do is workout and dance wearing my lipstick. This is a great color to throw on when you are headed to the gym! It’ll make your workout happier, I promise.


Laure Geller~Mocha Rose

This color always seems to match everything. It’s the perfect lipstick to keep in your purse!


Oh, and red lipstick is appropriate for any season 🙂

I hope you all enjoy making your wardrobe and your smile brighter this summer. These are just a few examples, but there is an endless amount of lipstick out there and I encourage you to go explore and find your favorites! Today is also the longest day of the year, so there is extra time for you to wear your lipstick.

Happy first day of summer everyone!




One thought on “Shades of Summer

  1. What a happy and informative post! I’m running to try some Watermelon Cooler on the longest, and so far the hottest day of the year!

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