Six more weeks of winter?

Hope the groundhog was wrong because I am ready for it to be sunny and 75…

Hi y’all! Today was a beautiful day in downtown Mobile… In contrast with my last post, this one is full of sunshine and warmER weather!

As I was getting ready today, I became bored with my recent, everyday winter clothes… so I decided to look in the back of my closet. I finally pieced together some oldies but goodies! It’s always fun to bring back some of your old favorites!


4 year old Target jacket

My favorite vintage lace top, thanks to Endless Treasures

J Crew skirt

My favorite 3 year old, Cole Haan boots

Vintage pearl necklace

New favorite lipstick, Laura Geller Cream Couture Lipstick Trio


Some vintage accessories always add some character to any outfit!


Take a look in the back of your closet and give an old favorite a new story!

Now, take a break and play dress up!

Oh, and don’t forget your lipstick!




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