Here’s to you, 2014.

Hello for the first time in 2014 🙂 I’m finally finding the time to blog again! I sure have missed writing in my favorite diary. Happy New Year everyone!

Today marks the first page of my 2014 Lipstick Diaries adventures.  I can’t wait to see what lies in the pages to come. I love sharing my adventures and thoughts with y’all and want to thank each one of you for following along and becoming a part of my story. Although this entry isn’t fashion related or about a recent adventure, I’m writing this one to begin the 2014 edition of The Lipstick Diaries. I am so thankful for a fabulous 2013 and hope to make this year even better. I obviously do not like to sit still for long, so I hope that you all will join me once again on my adventures through The Lipstick Diaries. Here’s to filling this year full of fashion, travel, love, laughs, and of course, lipstick.

Xoxo, Riley



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