Sunbathing in September


It’s times like these that make me extra thankful to live in the south. It’s those 90 degree, perfect “beach day” days that cause you to forget that its actually September. It’s those days where you can put on your favorite swimsuit and pack your favorite beach bag. It’s those days where you lay in the sand until you are so hot that you have to get in the water and let the waves cool you down.  It’s those afternoons where everything you own is covered in sand but you don’t seem to care. It’s days like these that make me realize how blessed I am to live near the soft white sand and the beautiful blue water.

The beach makes me happy.


It’s always more fun with friends


Photobombed by a dolphin!


Splish Splash


Here are a couple of my favorite swimwear sources. Bright colors are my favorite, why be dull at the beach?

Lilly Pulitzer

Victoria’s Secret

I wish summer could last forever, but…


“It’s always summer somewhere.” ~ Lilly Pulitzer


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