An Afternoon With Eloise

“Think pink… a better way of life.”~ Eloise

From our love of pink to our blonde hair, Eloise and I have a lot in common. Today I got to hang with her for a bit 🙂

First things first… right?  They aren’t all mine, I promise.


This wasn’t even on purpose…


And then there was this…

Can I live here please?

IMG_5038 IMG_5045


From the pink playhouse to the red carpet…


Tea in honor of Prince George, of course!


I turned in to a 5-year-old girl when the hostess told us we got to sit at the table by Eloise.


There just something about being with Eloise in her home 🙂


Once upon a time, when I was a little girl visiting Katie in New York, I asked her if we could dress up in princess dresses and have a photoshoot in the park. Thankfully, she turned that offer down. But today, my wish was finally granted… minus the princess dress. Thanks KK 🙂


Ta Ta for now


I love NY… a lot.


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