Street Style

     As shabby as it may sound, street shopping is one of the most fun and thrifty things to do in New York City.

One morning as I was strolling the streets of NYC, I happened upon a cute little street fair. You know, the ones with the not so appealing food and the ever so lovely tourist stands with mountains of I Love NY t-shirts… But this time a cute little rack of dresses caught my eye. It was the perfect find…a rack full of cheap, yet fun and unique dresses. Of course there was no where to try them on, so I just picked a dress that I though would fit. I used my bargaining skills (that my mother taught me as a young girl in Chinatown) to talk the man into taking a few dollars off the price, and continued on my merry way down the street. Later that evening I was able to play dress up with my new street find and dance down the street to a Broadway show. It is super easy to dress up any street find by adding some pearls and some red lipstick of course. So next time you see a street market, you may not want to pass it up!



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